Mar 22, 2013

Dustin's last beer and my review from him

so today is the last day of my art director, Dustin, in Breaktime studios.
This is the silly picture we took during work with the amazing art team.
Dustin is really fun, there's no stress while working with him.
The communication is always good, and he stands for artists' right pretty well.
He has a very appealing style and he established all the game in a consistency way.
I really thank to him by offering me the job.
It's never easy for a just graduated international student get to work in a good environment withe the solid team.
The review he gave me which is keep working on my style to be more bold.
He said that's the style our ceo likes. and keep learning with Gary. He compliment Gary's drawing skill a lot.
He also taught me not being afraid giving my voice in the company.
And stand up for my rights.
It's really a pity for his leaving, but it's also an important turning point of this company.
We all look forward the new art director bring different energy and organizing the company better and better.

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