Sep 19, 2012

review by Phat in readIMAGINE

So, this is the last day working for readIMAGINE as an art intern for three months.
I got my art lead, Phat Phuong's review on the way to the Bart station.

in a positive way: 
I work fast.
I have good responsibility when working late even working on the weekend.
It's happy to work with me.

things to be improved:
I haven't fully build up my own strong style, need to push a lot more.
I need to strength the design in my drawings.
Sometimes my self conscious is too strong, need to improve the attitude.
It would be better offering more options of different styles.

I appreciate the words a lot, I'll keep them in my mind to improve myself not just for the next job but also for being a better artist and a person easy to work with, thank you, Phat, best lead I've met so far.
It's so much fun working with the team, even it's a start up company, lacking of recourse, however, I saw how they do their best solving the problems and building up the connections with artists, teachers and kids. Doing education apps must be very challenged, but it's a great direction to spend energy on it. 
They won the competition holds by NBC "Innovation" tv program and tomorrow they r heading to NY competing with other 2 groups and present the idea on tv in the end.
I am so happy for the team, wish them luck winning the competition.

It's sad that I couldn't keep working with the team, I've learned so much from them. 
On the other hand, I am going to have a new journey with Breaktime studio next Mon.
I'll do my best to prove myself, and i look forward to work with readIMAGINE team in the future. 
check out our website to get more info.

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